Experience & Events

Professional Coffee Bars.

Machines & Barista.

For more than a decade, we have been making espresso and cappuccino right where you need it.

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Exhibitions & Company events.

Exhibition booths and company events can be dull and are somehow always similar.

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Rent & Service

Coffee machines etc.

First things first: No, we don’t do shooting galleries or bouncy castles. At least not yet.

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Training & Instruction.

Hardly anyone was born as a professional barista. Many people seem to be scared of professional coffee machines.

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External Services & Outsourcing

Logistics & Transactions.

Not only start-up companies in co-working spaces benefit from relying on professionals when it comes to dispatch and logistics of the actual product.

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Your business is growing, orders are flooding in and the deliveries are piling up? Why not outsource your warehouse then?

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