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HoReCa & Industry

Professional espresso machines & grinders.

Some say, an espresso is a moment of peace. To others, it is pure science. For us it is probably both.

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Bean-to-cup and industry solutions.

The buzzing of a running grinder, frothy milk steams into the cup, followed by creamy Espresso.

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Lattiz – fully automatic milk solution.

You are dying for a creamy Cappuccino or a perfectly layered Latte, but a barista is nowhere to be found?

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Filter coffee is currently experiencing a renaissance.

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Home & Specialty Coffee.

Espresso machines & Fully automatic.

An increasing number of coffee enthusiasts do not want to do without good coffee at home.

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Siphon & Filter.

While some only „make“ good coffee, others „celebrate“ the perfect brew in an almost scientific fashion.

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Paulini Caffè.


Our key competence. So obviously, there is no room for compromise when it comes to quality.

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Caffè Crema, Filter & decaf.

For a mild and aromatic coffee, we warmly recommend our Paulini Caffè Crema.

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Premium beverages.

FRANCINI Vini & Spumanti.

First things first: Industrially produced Prosecco, as known from bars and clubs, has unfortunately little to do with our FRANCINI.

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If you had the chance to visit the beautiful Italian province of South Tyrol, the brand FORST will not be new to you.

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